What people are saying about Head Shot:


“This is my favorite TV show.”

- Alexandra

“You bring out the worst in me, Alice!!!”


“I'm so lost. This must be an "inside joke" sort of thing.”


“An epic masterpiece.”


“That wasn't too many carrots…”


“Ok, but what DO you say to the person who cuts your hair?”


“Det er meget mærkeligt.”

-Someone in Denmark

“that book tho”


“I chuckle often.”


“A woman in her apartment going slowly mad.”


“Ok. I'm a little frightened of you now. I mean, even more than I was before.”


“Love you (you’re so annoying).”


“God this was fucking strange. I want more.”


“Alice, I don’t want these to end.”


“Disturbingly cool :) I like it.”


“Java cow 4 lyfe.”


“you’re the champ”


“This is legit brilliant.”